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Is There Something Wrong With Our Political System?

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WashingtonThe United States has been known throughout history to hold to a set of priciples that serve it’s citizens are those around the world with respect and dignity. The nation is known for its values and is depicted in some ways as the ideal and superior country financially around the world. However, many of these things don’t seem to be true of late, especially when you consider that surveys show American politics to be held as less than straight and honest in the people’s eyes. Here I have listed some of the existing problems identified in U.S. politics. The troubled politics of the United States could be one of the most significant threats to the whole competitiveness of the country. It has even been said that the U.S. political system is in a worse shape than various other countries with advanced economies.

The United States is a federal constitutional republic wherein the head of state and government is the President. Today, the country is in conflict with itself. It is also one of the many countries who are having both a financial and moral struggle. There is discrepancy of about one trillion dollars in the annual national budget and this is expected to broaden as a result of changing tax codes. The political system in the United States shows that the congress and political parties are divided more than ever.

Also, budgeting is now in chaos. There is a huge deficit in the U.S. budget. Many people in the U.S. depend on food stamps just to eat. In spite of this, there is still a political party that wants to altogether strip out tax revenue. Another party, on the other hand, is concerned about keeping the rich Americans who they say significantly contribute to the government’s much needed revenue. Individuals with the highest salaries and the 1% of the richest Americans have a higher net worth. With the overwhelming political corruption in America, everything nowadays seems to be about money. Especially now with the coming election, expect that electoral campaigns will be more focused on money than ever. The money will not come from the poor- it will mostly come from big businesses and corporations. Ironically still, the midterm electoral cost has been estimated to be costing a total of about $4.5 billion. Rumor has it that the current President Obama will need to raise more than $1 billion for his upcoming re-election campaign.

They cannot seem to cut the spending on the military so they plan on cutting the budget on areas that provide core support for the poor such as some health benefits and retirement salaries. Clearly, you cannot simply slash away the budget from education or let the public infrastructure weaken. The political parties today are being overwhelmed by the focus on budgeting- hopefully this will lead to better spending decisions and ultimately better care for American citizens.